Green Country Wedding Minister

Rev. Catherine Copeland-Mack



Many parks, churches, and sites within Tulsa have a fee to host a wedding or reception.

Please be sure to check with the location if there are fees.

Some great places within Tulsa that are free  (reminder the free locations are for small ceremonies):

*Woodward Park (only the park and not the Tulsa Gardens) located at 21st and Peoria

*Center of the Universe located at 1st and Boston

*Centennial Park: located at 6th and Peoria

*Riverside Parks (along the Arkansas River) has many beautiful sites.

*Jenks Parks has many beautiful locations.

*Washington Irving Park located at 137th and Memorial in Bixby

*Bentley Park in downtown Bixby.

*Haikey Creek Park in Broken Arrow.

*Turkey Mountain in Jenks/Tulsa.

*Hidden Porch in Catoosa: A very magical place. Click on Hidden Porch and discover the many options offered. Be sure to state Green Country Wedding sent you!

*Gathering Place (the park does allow weddings, but the venue must be pre-paid).

*Backyards: Does you or your friend have a backyard that you can transform? I have officiated at several backyards. Formal or informal? Whatever you wish! Make your dreams come true!

*Tulsa Main Library: The rooms can be reserved with up to 6 people. These rooms are 3-sided open glass to views to downtown Tulsa.

*and many more (simply use a search engine; such as Google, Yahoo, or Bing to locate parks in your chosen area)



Just remember that public parks/sites cannot block off the wedding venue.

Many parks do allow rental of pavillons.

I have personnally witnessed strangers watching and their responses have always been respectful and so honored to view your special day!

There are many venues as well that may be used that you must book and pay a fee in addition to officiant, photography, or catering service fees.