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Obtaining Marriage License - Oklahoma Courthouses


Marriage License Requirements for Tulsa County:

Below are the requirements and tips to obtain your marriage license in Tulsa County.

Tulsa County Courthouse:  Two locations to serve you!

500 S. Denver, Tulsa, OK 74103 2nd Floor    Phone: 918-596-5478

123 North Main, Broken Arrow, OK  74012     Phone: 918-596-8991

Hours: 8:00 am – 4:00 pm Monday through Friday (closed government holidays)

Marriage License Requirements for other counties,

Please contact me for more information/locations:

Requirements that you must meet in order to obtain a license


Both parties must be present at the same time when obtaining licenses and both parties must have the following identifications:

Proof of Age and Identity:

Age 18 & Over: Proof of age is required: State-issued I.D., Birth Certificate (plus photo ID), or Passport. (non-expired)

Age 16-18: Parental consent of either parent or guardian and birth certificate.

Under 16: A marriage license can only be issued with an authorizing court order.

Divorce: Persons divorced in Oklahoma may not marry anyone in this state other than their previous spouse for a period of six (6) months from the date of the decree of dissolution of marriage (formally referred to as a divorce decree).

Residency Requirements:

There are no residency requirements, but the marriage must be performed in Oklahoma.

Waiting Period:

No waiting period required except for those under the age of 18.

If under age 18, there is a 72 hour waiting period.

Statutory Fees:

Fees may be paid in cash or by credit/debit card at the Courthouse Office and ONLY by credit/debit card at the Satellite Office.

These fees are for the license only and do not include additional services (officiant/minister, locations, catering, photography, etc.)

Miscellaneous: To avoid waiting in line, we suggest that you apply for your license early in the day and that you apply for an application a few days before your scheduled wedding date. 

This allows you to provide yourself an opportunity to address any unforeseen difficulties which may be encountered in processing your license.

For marriage license purposes, the court clerk is not able to identify an applicant in any manner other than that described in the identification which the applicant has presented to the court clerk.

Former names, prior divorces, and the like often present identification issues if identification presented does not match the names by which applicants identify themselves.

In such cases where variances of identity arise, it may be necessary to present certified copies of court orders, divorce decrees, etc., to the court clerk in order to establish identity of the applicant.

Please be aware that marriage license procedures and fees are set by statute and are subject to amendment by the legislature. 

Marriage License Requirements for all other Oklahoma Courthouses:

The above rules/regulations apply.  Please note that you may obtain your marriage license at any Oklahoma Courthouse, regardless of your residency.  The wedding must take place in Oklahoma within 10 calendar days of obtaining license (including holidays and weekends).