Green Country Wedding Minister

Catherine (Cathy) Mack


Our meetings are never boring or dull!

As your officiant, I want to work closely with you on your special day!

Let's discuss how to draft your vows and ceremony that are unique and special as you are!

I am honored to participate in your special day!

Contact us today!

Rev. Catherine Copeland-Mack

Meeting Tips

First meeting:

Do you prefer a phone, text, email, or in-person meeting?

I'll start by posing these questions to you:

*Names for vows: How do you want to be called in the ceremony? Full name or just your first name?

*Double Ring Ceremony: Are you both giving and receiving rings?

*Do you want God mentioned? If so, would you like an opening/closing prayer? If not, that is okay as well!

*Do you want a poem in your vows? I have several that are beautiful, but please feel free to provide your own as well.

*Personal vows: Do you want to create your own personal vows to each other? Or if you are blending your families, do you want something special for your blended family (children, family, friends)? Would you like me to create these vows for you?

*Is someone “giving” you away or presenting you to your future spouse? Would you like this mentioned?

*What would you and your fiance like to incorporate into the ceremony?

Second meeting (via phone/text/email).

Before the ceremony date arrives, I will be in contact with you and finalize the details (location, time, special request and final vows).